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A dinosaur talks to himself

April 18, 2022

What's the secret ...

To a good interview?

Some would say ample research on the topic you're trying to discuss.  Others would say having a good set of questions.  Still others would say inviting in a good guest.  But for me, the secret to a good interview starts with the host.  It isn't so much the questions or the answers as it is the good conversation to be had.  And really, for that to occur: Is there really a need for anyone else?  Answer: I would say yes.  The caveat is you better be comfortable having a dialog with yourself first.  And that's why in many ways this is a breakthrough interview.  Among the topics I address:  What would be the app I would most like to create?  Why phones are worse than cigarettes?  What words I like to use to impress guests (and myself)? And more.

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